Bathampton Primary School Case Study

ict support

School Background

Bathampton Primary School was established on its present site in 1896 and has been described as a ‘hidden gem’. From the outside people see a Victorian village school in an idyllic setting by the canal. Once inside you can see it is a modern school with attractive colour schemes and excellent facilities.

Bathampton Primary School contacted Smooth IT because they were looking to change ICT Support provider and had heard, through other schools and the local authority, that we provide a professional, reliable and cost effective service.



Smooth IT took over the ICT Support and Services contract just before the start of the summer break and were immediately charged with supplying and installing

  • Over 40 new pupil laptops and storage trolleys.
  • Microsoft Volume Licencing for Office 2013, Windows operating system and Client Licensing.
  • New robust Wi-Fi Network wireless network.
  • Decommission of the current ICT Suite.
  • Installation of 2 new Smart multi-touch interactive displays.
  • Migrating their current separate Curriculum and BANES Schools ICT Admin Server into a single server covering both roles – Smooth IT partner with the local authority to ensure security and complete segregation where applicable.

What did Smooth IT do?

During the summer break the Smooth IT Schools ICT Support Team worked extremely hard to successfully achieve all the school had asked of them.  The school’s Curriculum server and data was migrated over to the newer BANES Admin Server, this helps reduces the schools running costs as they now only have a single server running.

A standardised Microsoft Windows and Office 2013 image was built and deployed to the new laptops and remaining school PC’s with all software now being centrally deployed and managed from the new whole school server, this will help speed up installation and manage deployments of any new software the school wishes to use.

Following a comprehensive wireless network survey carried out by Smooth IT, new network cabling and sockets were fitted for the installation of a new robust Wi-Fi network which is able to cope with the demands of the wireless devices a modern school like Bathampton uses.  The wireless solution supplied by Smooth IT also allows Bathampton to have a secure and segregated Guest Wi-Fi network.

The current ICT Suite was decommissioned ready for new learning space to take its place, along with 2 new Smart interactive Multi-Touch displays.

What did the School have to say?

“We took advice from other schools and other colleagues who work in IT and they recommended Smooth IT. We were very impressed by our initial contacts as we felt that there was a good mixture of competence and care. We felt that Smooth IT listened carefully to our needs and gave advice that we found credible and their solutions were reasonably priced. We have enjoyed the sense of working in partnership with the firm. Smooth IT have been superb in their communication and responsiveness. It’s early days but we believe that we have made a great choice of IT provider.”

– Paul Falkus – Headteacher.