Oldfield Park Infants School Case Study

Oldfield Park Infants School ICT Support

School Background.

Oldfield Park Infant School is a community school for children from the ages of 4 to 7 years. The history of the school dates from 1878 and the school has a long tradition of serving the local community. Some families have been educated here for several generations! The school has an excellent reputation in the local community and everyone associated with the school works hard to provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment for the children.

Oldfield Park Infants school have been a long time client of Smooth IT Schools ICT Support.


The Oldfield Park Infants school had an ageing Windows 2003 server which they where quickly out growing and was in need of replacement.  They also required 16 new pupil laptops and upgrading the existing Windows XP PCs.

Smooth IT were given the task of supplying, installing and maintaining, new laptops and storage, upgrade the Microsoft Windows XP PCs to Windows 7 and configure a new single Whole School server which would allow the school to replace both the BANES Administation server and the schools own Curriculum server.

What did Smooth IT do?

Working with our contacts at Bath and North East Somerset Schools ICT, Smooth IT purchased a New Dell Server running the latest version of Microsoft Windows Server operating system, to allow both the BANES Admin role and the Schools Curriculum role to co-exist happily!

The server was initially installed and configured at the Smooth IT Offices in Bristol before being transported to the Bath and North East Somerset Schools ICT Team Office in Bath for them to add their configuration settings.  Once both support teams were happy the server was taken on-site during the first week of the summer break.

Smooth IT Schools ICT Support team spent the week carrying out the following tasks.

  • Migrating the schools curriculum data, user accounts, printers and settings to the new Server whilst maintaining any file and folder security settings which were in place.
  • Upgrade components on a number of desktop PC to allow them to benefit from the newer version of Microsoft Windows.
  • Purchase and set up Microsoft volume licensing to allow the school to benefit from the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Office products.
  • Creating standardise Windows 7 desktop image which along with the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite was deployed to the 16 new laptops and remaining school PCs.
  • Consult with building contractor on decommissioning of current ICT Suite.