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How Smooth IT Kept Running in a Pandemic..

Like many businesses we have been working and supporting our customers remotely – it seems overnight our support for networking issues doubled as we now support, not only our customers office computer networks, but also their home IT network and the challenges they bring.

As a forward thinking IT Support Company we always try to be ahead of the game and not afraid to try new things, which allows us to be in an ideal position to know what would work for the Businesses and Customers we support.


For sometime now we have been server-less in our own office and trying to free more and more of our customers from the burden and need to have a power hungry box of tin running in the corner of the office 24 / 7. Some situations still require the ability to run software on a server, consider if the software can be access remotely via either a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection or by Remote Desktop / RemoteApp.

Cloud Applications

We utilise and promote the use of Cloud Applications such as Microsoft 365 for our E-Mail, File Storage and Security. Our Line of Business Applications, such as our Accounting and Quoting packages and the tools we use to support our customers are all Web based which allows secure remote access from any location.

Phone System

The Phone system we use and recommend is a Cloud Voice Over IP (VOIP) system. This means we don’t have the need for an on-site PBX or dedicated phone server, and is a true Plug and Play service. We can simply take our handsets from our desk and plug them into our home internet or use the mobile app and still place and receive calls on the Main Smooth IT Office number. During the Pandemic we also integrated the phone system with our Microsoft Teams subscription and we now use this as our Unified Communications tool, combining Instant Messaging, Video Chat and Calls between each other and our customers.

A number of our customers have commented how easy it was to transition their staff and teams to work from home and still keep their businesses running effectively when the UK was put into lock down in March. Now that people are starting to venture back into their offices and working patterns are changing, this flexibility has given them a head start.

If you would like to discuss how Smooth IT can help with your Business IT Needs or wish to discuss moving your current services to the cloud – Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss.