Hosted Desktop

There are many benefits in moving your IT to the cloud. Key drivers are value, productivity, security and scalability.

Hosted Desktops transforms IT expenditure from a traditional capital expenditure model to an operating expenses model. If you are not an IT business you may not want to spend your money on servers that depreciate but which also need replacing at regular intervals as technological advancements make hardware redundant very quickly. Instead, you can escape the perennial capex refreshment need and simply ‘pay as you go’. Hosted Desktop is a pure usage based payment model, meaning you have fixed unit pricing per desktop. Transparency of costs and predictability are key benefits, as well as the reduction in capex.

Hosted Desktops enables you, and your workforce, to work from anywhere, at any-time, on just about any device, including smart phones (Android, Windows or iPhone), tablets, laptops, Macs, PCs and thin clients. With so many new types of device now available and with Hosted Desktop cloud computing there is no need to be tied to a particular computer or office any more.

Technology development is all about making life better for you – it should empower, it should lower costs, it should make things more manageable. Above all, it should free you from distractions to focus on what really matters. As your desktop, apps and company data are all stored on-line rather on your local hard drive, the need to use one physical machine in the office is removed – the ties are cut and you are free to work from anywhere.

Leaving you to go about your business secure in the knowledge that a more efficient and enjoyable working environment is always within your reach.

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