Private Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

Computing capacity without capital investment, our cloud infrastructure as a service

Now Cloud computing can provide virtually unlimited computing capacity, on-demand and without the need for costly hardware, installation and maintenance. You pay only for what you use, and should you need further capacity to cope with business growth, or just seasonal peaks, then it can be available in minutes.

In today’s economy, every business needs to do more with less expenditure.  It’s an old IT adage that ‘however much you spend on hardware, you will never have sufficient storage space or processing capacity’ – this is no longer the case with our Private Cloud Infrastructure solutions.

You can eliminate the need for capital investment and instead purchase computing infrastructure through operating budgets which can be kept in line with company or departmental  income.  With increasing competitive pressures, a new computer application could make the difference between success and failure.

With Private Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) these applications can be purchased on a monthly basis and run within the cloud.  The Private Cloud Infrastructure operate as if they belong to you and as if they are being delivered via traditional dedicated IT equipment, but without the need for purchasing servers, software, traditional licensing or expensive and specialised network equipment.

We can transform your traditional server infrastructure into a Private Cloud Infrastructure service that provides flexible management of demand for all kinds of computing power.  This will give your workforce faster access to the applications and data they need to achieve your goals and meet financial priorities, as well as providing secure access to remote and mobile users.

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