Software Asset Management

Software licenses are assets and investments and should be managed as such.

Software Asset Management (SAM) is an industry best practice that helps you control costs and optimize software investments across your organisation and throughout all stages of their life cycles. Administered through an ongoing plan, Software Asset Management (SAM) makes it easier to identify what you have, where it’s running, and whether redundancy may exist. A fully implemented SAM plan can help you cut costs, improve security and compliance, and also anticipate future software needs. Software Asset Management (SAM) also helps organisations accurately capture the costs and benefits associated with IT projects that enable a competitive advantage.

Software Asset Management helps you control costs and optimise these investments as your organization grows.

If your business relies on its IT operations to operate smoothly and efficiently, you are probably well aware of the complexities of managing software across an entire organisation. What is the best way to control costs and manage business and legal risks? Could you do more with the software you already have? Will your current IT infrastructure be able to expand as your company grows?

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a proven industry best practice of business and IT processes and procedures combined with technology that can help your organisation:

Software Asset Management

Build a healthier financial position

Software Asset Management (SAM) can help you control both the “hard” monetary costs of software and the “soft” costs of IT management. It helps ensure that you have the best licensing programs for your organisation’s specific needs, and the most effective IT forecasting and budgeting. It can help you centralise your IT and software asset tracking, automate manual processes for increased efficiency, prepare for technology upgrades, and reduce support costs.
Software Asset Management (SAM) can also help you control business and legal risks that are often related to improper software deployment. Use Software Asset Management (SAM) to identify security vulnerabilities and keep track of the latest software updates, as well as achieve compliance with standards and government regulations.

Do more with what you already have

With Software Asset Management (SAM), you can get the most out of your software investments by reducing redundancy, standardising processes, and giving your employees the tools they need. Software Asset Management (SAM) can help you implement IT with business best practices and optimize software assets, enabling you to pay only for the software you use. Software Asset Management (SAM) helps you optimize IT resources by standardising processes, improving automation, and defining procedures to increase the efficiency and agility of your IT staff.

Lay a scalable foundation for business growth

As your company needs grow, you need an IT infrastructure that can expand with you. The Software Asset Management (SAM) optimisation model provides a solid, scalable foundation for business growth. A fully implemented Software Asset Management (SAM) plan creates efficiencies that enable you to adapt quickly to market opportunities, plan for future software needs, and engage in IT and business best practices that drive value. At its highest level, Software Asset Management (SAM) helps organisations become more agile by making better use of resources, even in times of changing business conditions.

Infrastructure Optimization and the SAM Optimization Model

The goal of Infrastructure Optimization (IO) is to build an efficient, secure, and optimised IT infrastructure. IO can help your organisation better understand and move toward a more secure, well-managed, and dynamic IT infrastructure that will help you reduce costs, use resources more efficiently, and make IT a strategic asset for the business. IO is a four-step process that can take your organisation from a non-managed, reactive state to a proactive, optimised, and dynamic state. Software Asset Management (SAM) is a key step in IO that can help your organisation gain control over what IT assets are being used and where.

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