Windows Server and Storage

We know that not all companies are ready or able to embrace the cloud and hosted solutions, that’s why Smooth IT are experts at supplying, installing, configuring, maintaining  and supporting all Microsoft Windows Server and storage in its various roles and forms.

Not only is it the place for your working documents, your local server is where you store your security and anti-virus software. It’s also where you might have a centralised printing system and a centralised updating function that ensures all your networked computers are running on the most up-to-date software available. We can provide a server to suit your needs no matter what the size of your business – and we are experts in the field of small business servers, for use in small companies where efficiency and competitiveness are more fundamental than ever.

We are Partners with leading Server and Storage Manufactures, if you have a specific Windows server or storage need or looking to replace ageing and under performing hardware feel free to see what we have to offer.

Should I upgrade my server?

While leaving a poor performing, potentially dangerous server in place is clearly not a sound decision, doing a straight like for like upgrade may not be the best decision. Getting the advice of experts with the knowledge of all the options available to you ensures you get the solution that is the right fit (at the right price) for you.

If you looking to upgrade or move to a cloud environment, we have experience of data migrations to both new local hardware and Cloud computing.

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