IT Remote Support Helpdesk

Smooth IT provides our IT Remote Support Ticketed Helpdesk service to all our clients, whether you are on our Pay As You Go IT Support or our Fixed Price IT Support package, thus giving you a single point of contact for any IT issues or advice.

Our IT Remote Support Helpdesk records all support calls on our ticketing system detailing such items as:

  • Date and Time of call
  • Site and Client Contact
  • Nature of Problem
  • Emergency problem indicator
  • SLA Level

Our system then assigns an unique ticket number which is then immediately emailed to you allowing you to monitor the status, actions performed and the resolution of their issue via our on-line portal.

Smooth IT engineers will communicate with you in plain English and on resolution we will advise steps to take to reduce future downtime.  Our Fixed Price IT Support package also provides proactive Remote Monitoring so that we can anticipate problems and resolve them before the business is interrupted.

Our support Helpdesk cannot fix every problem remotely, but in many cases IT Remote Support is the fastest and most efficient method of providing the support you need.  IT Remote Support is very efficient as your not tied up on the phone allowing you to get on with something else whilst one of our engineers looks at your IT problem.

Contact us to discuss how we can help.