VOIP Telephone Systems

The Next-Generation Telephone System

Businesses adopting Cloud or Hosted VOIP Telephone systems are realising the benefits over conventional solutions, including lower costs, easier roll-out, increased control, automatic updates, built-in business continuity, and a scalable pay-as-you-grow model that provides ultimate flexibility for businesses of all sizes.

The NFON Cloud Telephone System

Starting with the first extension, the NFON Cloud Telephone System offers you more than 150 features that will make your daily work easier. Whether it be teleconferences, on-the-go mobile use, Skype for Business integration, web conferences or CTI integration – with NFON, making and receiving calls becomes a high-end experience with maximum ease of use.

The concept is simple: Rather than being installed locally at your company, the NFON Telephone System runs through highly secure data centres operated by NFON.  VoIP technology (Voice over IP) ensures that you can be reliably reached by your customers and business partners at any time – and thanks to HD Voice, your conversations take place in call quality superior to that of conventional telephony.

We move telephone systems out of offices and into high-performance data centres. Via an encrypted Internet connection, you can access your telephone system worldwide by telephone, computer or smartphone while always staying connected to the traditional telephone network. Whether you’re a small business or large international company, we serve customers with anywhere from 2 to 249,000 employees with our cloud telephone system.

This makes relocation and expansion easy, while also saving you the costs and space associated with installing a traditional telephone system. All features of the telephone system are available on a virtually unlimited range of user devices. From desktop phones and conference phones to softphone apps for your smartphone and accessories such as headsets – more than 70 hardware products from the most popular manufacturers are certified for the NFON Cloud Telephone System. All certified user devices can be quickly and easily installed via Plug & Play. With NFON, you can make calls the way you like best.

The NFON Cloud Telephone System delivers your phone calls via your Internet connection, allowing you to simply access them from wherever you are; whether at the office, on the road, or at your home office.


  • High Saving Potential – No binding contract – just 30 days on a rolling basis and only for the extensions you use.
  • Competitive call costs
  • No investment or upfront costs
  • Good value hardware

NFON VOIP Benefits

  • Easy roll out and scalable – True Plug & Play Setup
  • Maintenance free
  • Future Proof & free updates
  • Over 150 features
  •  Integration of Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Comprehensive CRM integration

As a networking provider we are perfectly placed to configure our customers networks to work with VOIP and can provide ongoing support and service in this area.