Domain Names

We know that having a valid and correctly registered domain name will help keep your email, web presence and remote services reliable and protected.

Our fully Managed Domain Name Service will take care of everything from the initial registration though to correctly setting up and monitoring your website and email records.

Why are Domain Names Important?

Domain Name Management is an extremely important managed service that we provide, often overlooked by many businesses.

Maintaining your company’s Domain Names is very important because of the following reasons:

  • Without it, any web presence you have will be lost: customers and suppliers will not be able to find you on the Web. This is inconvenient, but could easily lead to embarrassment and loss of business.
  • Your company’s email systems will fail without correct domain registration
  • Very likely, the good security of your IT infrastructure is linked in to security certificates that are tied to your domain name. If this fails then not only are you at risk, but all sorts of other services may begin to fail, such as remote access to your system.

Registration is subject to regular renewal

It can be a headache to ensure that renewal is timely – in addition to the risks mentioned above. If you miss your renewal your domain names could ultimately be snatched-up by a third party, such as a competitor.

Similarly, any changes to your domain names registration details that are needed can be complicated.

This is why we chose to offer this service – we take care of all the domain names registration and renewals for you.

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