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How to know it’s time to outsource IT support for your small business

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When you started your business, armed with a laptop, smartphone and gusto to take on the World, choosing or even having IT support wasn’t going to be the top priority. Most startups and small businesses are pretty self-sufficient and low maintenance in terms of the IT support they require. But over time and as the business grows, so to does the IT and Communication needs – more staff means more PCs, which in turn needs more networking, which increases the amount of problems and issues which can arise, your now not just Googling why your Outlook won’t open, but why the accounts package has errors, why no one can print to the office printer.

In the end you may find you are spending more time trying to fix problems than doing what you do best and run your business. Sound familiar? This is a scenario we have seen many of times – Take a look at the points below which shows it is time to start thinking about outsourcing your business IT Support needs.

Telltale Signs you need IT Support.

  1. Your spending more time trying to solve ever growing IT problems, and not focusing on your business – This is a regular one! You started the business, you supplied the computers, software and printers that everyone uses, therefore you must know how it all works and hangs together, so you have become the nominated IT go to guy! But in doing so, you’ve taking yourself away from what you do best, running and directing YOUR business. Having someone you can off load those IT issues to will allow you to get back into the driving seat.

  2. Everything is just running slower – Another regular. If your finding it’s taking longer for your computer to startup and get going, emails are not sending or your internet and Wi-Fi keep dropping, this is a good sign that’s it time for some professional help. It’s frustrating enough with the amount of time wasted when 1 computer is playing up, it’s something else when the whole office is having issues and productivity is falling. Having regular IT maintenance and checks can help keep your machines running at their best for longer.

  3. You’ve out grown your current office and need more space – Great News, this means your business and team are growing and you can move out of that dark backroom you’ve been using! With the increase in company sizing, the needs and demands of having a robust and working IT system also increases. Having Professional IT Support on hand now is a wise decision. From helping with setting up and installing Network Cabling, Internet Connections and everything else with a plug on it to recommending the right equipment which fits both the budget and your needs.

  4. You keep hearing about this “Cloud” and “Work from Anywhere”, but not sure what this is or how to do it – With more and more focus on systems being Cloud Ready and storing data in the Cloud for anytime access, you might be wondering how this could benefit your business or is it only something large multinational need. Good Professional IT Support can help with the transition from having a server in the corner of the office and all the files being stored on one machine to a Secure Online Service that offers Centralised Secure File Storage, Business Class E-mail, and Collaboration tools which will allow you and your Team to work from anywhere with a working internet connection – Say Goodbye to the old server and unchain yourself from the Office.

  5. You concerned about the security and protection of your company data and online services – With more and more Online attacks making the headlines, you might be wondering if your systems are secure and your data safe. You’ve set secure, complicated long passwords and keep your Software fully updated, what else do you need? To completely make sure you are protected it’s worth having a chat to a Professional IT Support Company. With years of experience and keeping up to date on the current threats and technologies, they can advise on cyber security training, Anti Virus and Email Protection along with backup and data recovery should the worst happen and you find yourself a victim of a cyber crime.

If any of these points seem familiar or you wish to discuss your current IT Support services, please do not hesitate to Contact Us to see how we can help.