About Us

Education is our passion. If you’re a primary school in the southwest, we’d like to get to know you. We’ll visit you, talk to your staff and watch your school in action. We’ll also ask you lots of questions about how you use IT in school and what provision you’d like to make for the children. We’ll ask you what you need, why you need it and how you’ll use it. We’ll look at the number of white boards, tablets, screens and ICT stations you want to offer your pupils; and we’ll talk about how you’ll use IT to help the children learn and love learning. We’ll talk to you about the needs of your administration staff – from databases and parent–school communication to back-up and storage. If something goes wrong, we’ll try to fix it before you even notice – and if you do notice, we’ll be there in person to put things right. We can do this because we’re here, on your doorstep. We’ll do it quickly, efficiently and without any fuss – after all, we know you have the next generation of geniuses to inspire!

Experts in Primary IT

We’ve spent 15 years learning about primary education in the southwest and we are proud of how much head teachers, teachers and support staff have shared with us to ensure that we understand how fundamental good IT infrastructure is to the learning environment. Here are some of the ways we think we’re perfectly placed to help you:

  • We want you to be able to ask us anything, at any time – we’ll come to visit regularly, but we’re also completely flexible… if you need us every day of the week for a month, we’ll set up a system that means you can do that.
  • We know you want to use IT as a teaching resource without having to get involved in any complicated set-ups or installations. It’s our job to make it easy – you just turn it on and start teaching.
  • We understand that teaching is about ‘now’ – if you have a problem, we’ll be there within the hour.
  • We make sure that anyone we send into your school has an up-to-date CRB check, because we know that the safety your pupils is paramount.

Smooth IT education IT specialists

Managing your budget

We understand that schools have innumerable demands on their budgets. We can create an IT infrastructure that is powerful, efficient and cost-effective to install, maintain and run.

We work with a payment structure that puts you in charge of the time we spend with you. We don’t believe in flat monthly fees – we want you to see where every penny of your money goes. Our contracts monitor our time with you minute by minute. We’ll work with you to ensure that your IT support budget lasts you the whole academic year, without a single second wasted.