School Mobile Device Management & BYOD

As more and more schools adopt a bring your own device (BYOD) approach to phones and tablets, keeping school data secure on mobile devices is becoming a top challenge.  Ensuring your data protection doesn’t stop as a mobile device leaves your office is critical in the current digital era. Most staff now have access to school data on their tablets, mobile phones and all of this is often left to simply hope the members of staff are sensible and don’t lose their device or even worse have it stolen.

Protecting your school by managing mobile devices is a sensible step and utilising our School Mobile Device Management Solution we’re able to manage, locate, update and secure your organisations mobile devices strategically to minimise risk to your business and improve efficiency for deploying and replacing devices across your organisation.

Mobile Device Management will help you manage access to school data across a diverse range of phones and tablets, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, so you can:

  • Help secure and manage corporate resources—Apply security policies on devices to ensure that school email and documents are synchronised only on phones and tablets that are managed by the school.
  • Apply mobile device settings—Set and manage security policies such as device level pin lock and jailbreak detection on devices to help prevent unauthorized users from accessing school email and data when a device is lost or stolen.
  • Perform a selective wipe of School data—Remove school data from a device when an employee leaves your school, while leaving their personal data, photos and apps intact.

Additional Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management capabilities, such as restricting copy/cut/paste/save in your managed apps are also available to further control the use of personal devices accessing school information

We are experts in managing Windows, Apple iPads, iPhone’s and all Android devices in both Educational and Business environments.

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