School Performance Wireless

We’ve teamed up with a US company to become the southwest’s only supplier of Xirrus Wireless Networks. This wireless solution was originally developed for use in stadiums, conference centres and public hotspots. Now it has been adapted to offer fast, powerful and reliable wireless connectivity in office spaces large and small, with a very high limit on the number of connections that can run optimally at any one time.

Xirrus Overview:

Xirrus were founded on the premise that “wireless would replace wired as the primary choice for network access” and continue to hold that vision — transforming wired to wireless by providing the most powerful, scalable, and simple wireless access solutions to organisations who depend on it for day-to-day operations.

Xirrus are the leader in school performance wireless networks and delivers the industry’s broadest portfolio of Access Points and Arrays. Their unique modular design provides greater coverage and provides significant savings by reducing the amount of equipment, cable drops, switch ports, and installation labor costs required in the network.

Xirrus’ innovations in Wi-Fi hardware and software uniquely solve the challenges of ever-growing, ever-evolving Wi-Fi network demands. Xirrus offers the only modular, dual-band, multi-radio platform that features powerful application control, is highly scalable, future proof and easy to use.

Xirrus solutions deliver:

• Affordability with up to 75% less cabling and equipment than other Wi-Fi solutions
• Unprecedented reliability and performance
• Cloud-managed Wi-Fi that ensures simple deployment and application control
• Flexibility to grow and add capacity as Wi-Fi needs increase by simply snapping in additional radios